John Saunders provides consulting services focused on treatment and programs development for alcohol and drug disorders to many organizations including public and private hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

Consulting services include:

Program Development

  • Preparation of recommendations on program development
  • Undertaking a strategic planning day/ workshop for the program
  • Assistance with the development of annual business plans
  • Advice on the evidence base and best contemporary practice for treatment and service provision
  • Promotion of the program, including lectures, seminars and workshops for general practitioners, specialists and other referral sources

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Clinical Protocols

  • Preparation, review and monitoring of clinical protocols and procedures for detoxification, brief and extended interventions, pharmacotherapies, rehabilitation, and treatment of conditions associated with substance use disorders

Staff Development

  • Staff development, including education and training sessions on all aspects of prevention, intervention, treatment and rehabilitation for hazardous and dependent substance use
  • Availability for telephone consultations on clinical problems, information and updates
  • Interpretation of clinical investigations (e.g. laboratory tests) and advice on further investigation and medical management

Therapy Services

  • Education and behavioural management sessions for patients/clients of the Program
  • Assistance with negotiation with private health insurers

Liaison and Evaluation

  • Advice on program evaluation and relevant research studies

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