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John Saunders has, since the late 1970s published findings from numerous scientific studies in the alcohol and drug field and in related aspects of medicine. In addition, he has published numerous peer reviewed reviews of the scientific literature. He has authored over 450 publications of which 360 are in the peer reviewed literature. 

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Text Books

John has published several books, including "Young People and Alcohol" and "Addiction Medicine", now in its second edition:

Addiction Medicine

“Addiction Medicine 2nd Edition”  NEW RELEASE 

Oxford University Press: 2016

A concise and practical guide for students and practitioners of medicine and other health professions who come into contact with people with substance use disorders. Read more 

Young People and Alcohol

“Young People and Alcohol”

Wiley-Blackwell: 2011

A practical and comprehensive reference for professionals and researchers in the field of alcohol misuse who work with people aged 12 to 25 years. Read more 


Top cited papers

John Saunders is classified by the Institute of Scientific Information (ISI) as a highly cited scientist. His research papers in total have accumulated more than 31,000 citations.

No. Authors and title Citations
1 Saunders J.B., Aasland O.G., Babor T.F., de la Fuente J.R. and Grant M. Development of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT): WHO Collaborative Project on Early Detection of Persons with Harmful Alcohol Consumption II. Addiction 1993; 88:791-804. 8458
2 Babor T.F., de la Fuente J.R., Saunders J.B. and Grant M. AUDIT. The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test: Guidelines for Use in Primary Health Care. Geneva: World Health Organization, 1992. 7095
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4 Conigrave K.M., Hall W.D. and Saunders J.B. The AUDIT questionnaire: choosing a cut-off score. Addiction 1995; 90: 1349-1356 507
5 Saunders J.B., Aasland O.G., Amundsen A. and Grant M. Alcohol consumption and related problems among primary health care patients: WHO Collaborative Project on Early Detection of Persons with Harmful Alcohol Consumption I. Addiction 1993; 88:349-362. 474
6 Babor T. F., Grant M. and the WHO Brief Intervention Study Group. WHO project on identification and management of alcohol-related problems. Report on Phase II: a randomized clinical trial of brief interventions in primary health care. Geneva; World Health Organization, 1992. 413
7 Babor, T.F., Acuda, W., Campillo, C., DelBoca, F.K., Grant, M., Hodgson, R., Rollnick, S., Ivanets, N., Lukomskaya, M., Machona, M., Saunders, J.B. and Skutle, A. A cross-national trial of brief interventions with heavy drinkers. American Journal of Public Health 1996; 86: 948-955. 409
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12 Üstün B., Compton W., Mager D., Babor T., Baiyewu O., Chatterji S., Cottler L., GšgŸs A., Mavreas V., Peters L., Pull C., Saunders J., Smeets R., Stipec M-R., Grant B.F., Vrasti R., Hasin D., Room R., van den Brink W., Regier D., Blaine J., and Sartorius N. WHO Study on the reliability and validity of the alcohol and drug use disorder instruments: overview of methods and results. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 1997; 47:161-169 324
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15 Saunders J.B. and Aasland O.G. WHO Collaborative Project on Identification and Treatment of Persons with Harmful Alcohol Consumption. Report on Phase I. Development of a Screening Instrument. Geneva: World Health Organization, 1987. 271
16 Chatterji S., Saunders J.B., Vrasti R., Grant B.F., Hasin D. and Mager D. Reliability of the alcohol and drug modules of the Alcohol Use Disorder and Associated Disabilities Interview Schedule - Alcohol/Drug Revised (AUDADIS - ADR): an international comparison. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 1997; 47:171-185. 260
17 Conigrave K.M., Saunders J.B. and Reznik R.B. Predictive capacity of the AUDIT questionnaire for alcohol related harm. Addiction, 1995; 90:1479-1485. 247
18 Pull C.B., Saunders J.B., Mavreas V., Cottler L.B., Grant B.F., Hasin D.S., Blaine J., Mager D. and †stŸn T.B. Concordance between ICD-10 alcohol and drug use disorder criteria and diagnoses as measured by the AUDADIS-ADR, CIDI and SCAN: results of a cross-national study. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 1997; 47:207-216. 215
19 Kypri, K., Langley J.D., Saunders J.B., Cashell-Smith M.L. and Herbison P. Randomized controlled trial of web-based alcohol screening and brief intervention in primary care. Archives of Internal Medicine 2008; 168: 530-536. 204
20 Dua T., Barbui C., Clark N., Fleischmann A., Poznyak V., van Ommeren M., Yasamy M.T., Ayuso-Mateos J.L., Birbeck G.L., Drummond C., Freeman M., Giannakopoulos P., Levav I., Obot I.S., Omigbodun O., Patel V., Phillips M., Prince M., Rahimi-Movaghar A., Rahman A., Sander J.W., Saunders J.B., Servili C., Rangaswamy T., Unutzer J., Ventevogel P., Vijayakumar L., Thornicroft G. and Saxena S. Evidence-based guidelines for mental, neurological, and substance use disorders in low-and middle-income countries: summary of WHO recommendations. PLoS Medicine 2011; 8: e1001122. 201
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54 Kypri K, Vater T, Bowe SJ, Saunders JB, Cunnningham JA, Horton NJ, McCambridge J
Web-based alcohol screening at brief intervention for university students: a randomized trial.
Journal of Americal Association, 2014; 311: 1218-1224

55 Kypri K, McCambridge J, Vater T, Bowe SJ, Saunders JB, Cunningham JA and Horton NJ. Web-based alcohol intervention for Māori university students: double-blind, multi-site randomized controlled trial. Addiction 2013; 108: 331-338. 67
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