New features added to AUDITSCREEN.ORG Mar 10th, 2020

AUDITSCREEN.ORG (, the free online resource for the AUDIT, was recently re-launched and updated with exciting new features which include:

  • Background information about the AUDIT (its development, utility in different settings, scoring etc)
  • An interactive self-test in English which provides feedback depending on your score
  • Almost 40 translations of the AUDIT into other languages
  • An online library of research papers on the AUDIT
  • Information on other resources such as the Drink-Less Program.

AUDITSCREEN.ORG was previously launched in response to consistently strong interest and queries from health professionals and researchers around the world for up-to-date information about the AUDIT, including the AUDIT’s availability in different languages, its use in different healthcare settings, research studies on the AUDIT and copyright matters. Access to the resource is free for members of the public who may be interested in the AUDIT, be they a health professional, researcher, student, patients and families of patients.

About the AUDIT 
The AUDIT (Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test), was developed by John Saunders, and since its publication in 1989 has become the most frequently used alcohol screening and brief assessment instrument in the world. It provides a framework for intervention to help those with unhealthy alcohol use reduce or cease alcohol consumption and thereby avoid the harmful consequences of alcohol. 


Addiction Medicine 2nd edition has been updated Oct 21st, 2019

An updated version of the 2nd edition of the Addiction Medicine handbook was recently published in August 2019 and is available now for purchase. There are new sections on the management of codeine dependence and on the treatment of hepatitis C infections for which there are now treatments which are effective for all genotypes. In addition, the opportunity has been taken to update and refine material throughout the book. Find out more 

"Addiction Medicine" features in media and conferences Sep 4th, 2019

"Addiction Medicine" features in media and conferences

Since its launch, the textbook Addiction Medicine has made some appearances in the media. It was recently quoted in a Sydney Morning Herald article (Ref: SMH article "Stuck in War on Drugs" July 17, 2019) as a "globally cited" resource on addictive disorders by one of its authors, Dr Jonathan Brett. It also made a cameo appearance on channel nine's "A Current Affair" show last December 2018 where John Saunders was interviewed for a segment called "The Curse of Fortnite" on gaming disorders. 

Addiction Medicine has also been displayed at many professional and scientific conferences in Europe, US and the Asia Pacific region. 

At the Drug and Alcohol Nurses Association (DANA) conference in August 2019, copies of Addiction Medicine were offered as prizes to the delegates. 

Above is a photograph showing the "Addiction Medicine" display stand at the conference registration table with Colleen Blums, the Events Manager of DANA. 

Professor John Saunders Scholarship Award Oct 17th, 2018

Professor John Saunders Scholarship Award

In 2018, St. John of God Health Care established the Professor John Saunders Scholarship Award. This is to be awarded on an annual basis to a member of staff at St. John of God Richmond Hospital on a competitive basis.  The scholarship provides financial support to undertake a graduate certificate or masters course in addiction studies, specifically through the University of Adelaide.  The inaugural recipient, Stephanie Thompson, is about to embark on her course work while continuing her position as a registered nurse at Richmond Hospital.

Thailand Conference on Addictive Disorders: Professor Saunders attends as guest of honour May 8th, 2018

Thailand Conference on Addictive Disorders: Professor Saunders attends as guest of honour

A one-day conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand on 8 May 2018 on “ICD-11 – Disorders due to Substance Use for Addictive Behaviours”.  The conference was jointly hosted by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation Centre for Alcohol Studies, the Department of Society and Health at Mahidol University, and the Institute of Child and Adolescent Mental Health at Chang Mai University.  John Saunders was the guest of honour and gave the opening address on the “Clinical and public health policy implications of ICD-11 substance use and addictive disorders”. 

The photograph shows John Saunders with university staff and his hosts in Thailand including Professor Sawitri Assanangkornchai, Dr. Phunnapa Kittirattanapaiboon and Dr. Darunee Phukao. 

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