Addiction Medicine


Published by Oxford University Press                   

Edited by a global team of addiction specialists in multiple disciplines:
John B. Saunders, David J. Nutt, Susumu Higuchi, Sawitri Assanangkornchai, Henrietta Bowden-Jones, Wim van den Brink, Yvonne Bonomo, Vladimir Poznyak, Andrew J. Saxon, Sir John E. Strang

The third edition of Addiction Medicine offers unparalleled global coverage of addiction medicine practice in a concise and portable handbook. Guided by international professional curricula, this evidence-based book is a valuable resource for students, medical practitioners and the broad range of health care professionals who have responsibilities for the care of persons with addictive disorders in a variety of settings around the world. Detailed guidance on management of these disorders is provided.

Key Features

  • New content includes: digital health approaches including artificial intelligence (AI), the therapeutic use of psychoactive substances, personalised medicine, and changes in the legal context of substance use and addictive behaviours.
  • Principles and practices of diagnosis and management, including emergency situations, and brief intervention approaches.
  • Nine chapters on the major substance groups with each providing a comprehensive account of the clinical features, diagnosis and management of disorders related to these substances.
  • Chapters devoted to electronic and behavioural addictions with specific chapters for gambling and on-line/video gaming.
  • Comprehensive coverage of the management of addictive disorders experienced by specific groups, such as those with comorbid mental health disorders, and in specific circumstances and settings, together with a summary of ethical and legal issues.
  • A series of appendices which cover diagnostic criteria for substance use and addictive disorders and practical tools to aid management.
  • Suggestions for further reading in each chapter including publications up to end-2023.

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Addiction Medicine 3rd edition

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