Addiction Medicine

LATEST EDITION (AUG 2019)                           

Edited by a global team of addiction specialists in multiple disciplines:
John B. Saunders, Katherine M. Conigrave, Noeline C. Latt, David J. Nutt, E. Jane Marshall, Walter Ling, and Susumu Higuchi

Addiction Medicine is a concise and practical guide for students and practitioners of medicine, nursing and other health professions who are involved in the care of people with alcohol and other substance use disorders or behavioural or electronic addictions such as gambling and Internet use. It provides the knowledge base and facilitates the skill set required for good professional practice in this field.

Key Features

  • Covers specific types of psychoactive substance and  treatment options
  • Describes the needs and relevant treatments for particular age and socio-economic groups together with the more complex clinical situations such as pain and dependence and psychiatric comorbidity
  • Features a series of appendices which provide summaries of concepts and practical tools to aid management

New to this Edition:

  • Contributors from 25 countries worldwide
  • New sections on the management of codeine dependence and on the treatment of hepatitis C infection
  • References to evidence-based guidelines covering the major clinical syndromes
  • The contents have been expanded to include misuse of OTC opioids / prescribed opioids and anabolic steroids
  • Three new chapters on behavioural and electronic addictions, including gambling and internet based activities
  • More details on motivational interviewing, neurobiology, pharmacotherapy, and dual diagnosis

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Addiction Medicine Second Edition

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